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Bonnell mattresses are the most classic models of spring mattresses. They are constructed of individual springs, made of hardened wire, arranged in an orderly system. Bonnell type springs feature surface flexibility, which means that a low load from a body causes little spring resistance, but with increased pressure, the springs increase the displacement force. Bonnell mattresses are characterized by high durability and breathability. The interiors of mattresses of this type are enriched with thermoactive foam, which, under the influence of the heat emitted by the body, becomes malleable and adapts to the body of the sleeping person, causing muscle relaxation. In addition, Bonnell mattresses are enriched with a layer of coconut mat, which results in additional hardening of the mattress. The combination of the Bonnell system with coconut mat is ideal for people of higher bodyweight who need a lasting solution. Bonnell mattresses are also an excellent solution for hotels.

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