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Pocket mattresses have enjoyed unmatched popularity and customer loyalty for several years. This is the latest, improved type of spring mattress. Exceptional comfort and reasonable price make this mattress the most popular.

Pocket mattresses are filled with springs, made of high quality high-flexibility steel. Each weight-bearing spring is in a separate pocket. Thanks to this, they can move independently of each other, so the surface of the mattress very closely matches the shape of the body. Pocket mattresses are divided into 7 hardness zones, which are arranged to suit the zones of the human body. In the area where the pressure on the mattress is highest, the springs are weaker, as opposed to the less stressed areas. The arrangement of the springs ensures that the deflection occu
rs only at the point of pressure, allowing proper support of all parts of the body. Very importantly for sleep comfort, the flexing and straightening of the springs works practically silently, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of our rest. The pocket system further reduces the feeling of movements of springs in the other part of the mattress, which is an extremely valuable property when the mattress is used by two people.

Pocket mattresses are available in four hardness levels, allowing them to be perfectly adapted to your requirements and needs. Particular models include additional layers of materials such as high quality elastic foam, latex or coconut plate. Mattresses in this group are recommended especially for people suffering from all types of spine complaints and may play a large part in the process of their reduction.

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