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Foam mattresses are usually filled with polyurethane foam, but in the case of mattresses with 7 zones of hardness also high resilience (HR) foam. Models that enjoy great popularity are those filled with modern and functional Visco foam, discovered by NASA scientists in the search for material capable of counteracting the negative effects of staying in the same position over a long period of time. This type of mattress is extremely durable and resistant to deformation.

Foam mattresses exactly match the shape of the body. Under pressure the foam gains some malleability and takes on a considerable amount of pressure, thanks to which the entire silhouette is perfectly supported in the most critical points. Their undoubted advantage is the high cushioning of movements, which is why it is especially recommended for people suffering from cranio-cerebral traumas, with rheumatism, with degenerative joint changes and limb fractures. Foam mattresses have antiallergic properties and are characterized by good ventilation. Mattresses of this type improve blood circulation, so people who become cold during sleep will at last feel a pleasant warmth. They are also appreciated in the process of convalescence requiring long periods lying in bed, because due to the considerable minimization of the pressure force on the patient’s body, they are commonly used in prevention of disturbing and painful bedsores.

Foam mattresses are produced in several versions of hardness. The hardness of the mattress can also be modified by adding a coconut mat that hardens the mattress or foam in a „memory shape”, which has the advantage of responding to the pressure and temperature of the body. Mattresses belonging to this group are a perfect compromise between quality and extremely favourable price, which is considerably lower than many spring models.

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